Seshin Korean Scrub Mitt

Seshin Korean Scrub Mitt


A modern take on the iconic Korean bathhouse exfoliating mitt.

The Seshin Korean Scrub Mitt is part of our "seshin" series inspired by the revelatory cleaner-than-clean Korean body scrub experience.  It effectively removes layers of dead skin cells to leave skin incredibly soft and smooth.  Use this uniquely textured 100% plant fiber mitt as part of a weekly total body treatment to polish the skin and activate circulation, encouraging a healthy, vibrant glow.

Dimensions:  6" x 9"

Also available:  Seshin Korean Scrub Towel

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Soften skin in a sauna, hot shower, or bath and cleanse the body with soap & water.  Rinse well.  With wet mitt, massage the skin to exfoliate, using gentle pressure for sensitive areas.  Apply oil to damp skin to seal in moisture.  Use 1-2 times a week or as needed.  To care for your mitt, rinse with water after use and hang dry.

Packaged in a recyclable laminated rice paper pouch.